Does Your Heat Protect Expire? Can You Use Expired Heat Protectant?

We all know that expired food should be tossed away, but do you want to know if your heat protectant can expire?

Question One: Will Heat Protectant Expire?

Well, if you look closely at the package of your hair products, you will find most of them has no info about their expiry dates.

It is because there is no law requiring these hair products to display their expiry dates on the bottle.

So most of the heat protectant sprays do not have a specific expiry date, and you can use it as long as it can give your hair proper protection. Legally speaking, your heat protectant will not expire.

However, as time goes by, your heat protectant’s performance may not be as effective as it was. It is time to throw it away, and this is the time that your heat protectant truly past its expiry date. I personally recommend you replace your heat protectant every 2 years.

Question Two: How to Tell My Heat Protectant Is Expired?

There are some signs indicate your heat protectant is longer useful.


Heat protectant sprays are usually transparent, get rid of it immediately when you see the liquid inside is not clear anymore. The chemicals contained in the bottle can be spoiled as time passing by, leading their colors to become different.

Or, if you are using a hair serum or cream that has a natural color, just stop using it when its color turns unusual.


Most of the heat protectants come with their special fragrance when you first open the cap. If you find the smell of your heat protector is strange, I believe you should toss it up.


Heat protectant spray is a kind of thick liquid. But they feel pretty lightweight on hair so that they won’t weigh your hair down.

If the spray in the bottle becomes sticky or slimy, quit using it as it has past the expiry date. You should get a new one.

Question Three: What Are the Harmful Effects of Expired Heat Protectants

Expired heat protectant can degrade your hair quality as it can make your hair oily and smell strange.

Most importantly, a heat protectant that passes its expiration date may not have effective heat protection. And using this kind of heat protectant does not help our hair at all, especially for thick and curly hair.

Without proper heat protection, your hair can be frizzy and brittle. And split ends & flyaways will occur easily.

Question Four: How to Extend The Expiration Date of My Heat Protectant?

Don’t put the heat protectant near extremely hot places or cold places as the temperature can affect their performance.

Besides, do not let your heat protectant be exposed to sunlight directly as its package may not have UV protection. Of course, keep your hair products in a dry place as humidity will grow mold.

If your heat protector has a cap or a lid, don’t forget to close it every time after you use it. Or else, the content will be oxidized and lose its effective performance.

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