Can a Hair Dryer Kill Bed Bugs?

It is common knowledge that high heat can kill bacteria and germs effectively.

So a lot of people will use their hair dryers to kill bed bugs and lice.

But is it really going to work? Does your blow dryer truly kill bed bugs? We will give you the most comprehensive guide in today’s post.

Quick Question: Can a Blow Dryer Kill Bed Bugs?

Yes, a blow dryer can kill bed bugs. But Is it an effective tool to kill bed bugs? No!

First, bed bugs that are exposed to 113°F will die if the heat can maintain for more than 90 minutes. If the heat is higher, the needed time for killing these bed bugs will be shorter as well.

Second, to kill the eggs of the bed eggs, you need a higher temperature to get the job done. Because of the heat-resistant shells, these bed bugs eggs require temperatures over 125°F to get fully eliminated. And you need to give them constant exposure to that temperature for also 90 minutes to kill them completely.

A normal hair dryer has a temperature level varying from 100 to 205 degrees based on the different dryer motors, wattage, and technologies.

So, that’s why a hot blow dryer can kill bed bugs because it meets the requirement of the needed temperature.

But, I strongly don’t recommend you use this tactic because of several reasons. Let’s see why you should not use your hair dryer to kill bed bugs on your bed sheet.

Question Two: Why Shouldn’t I Use My Blow Dryer to Kill Bed Bugs

Your Dryer’s Temperature Is Not Hot Enough

Just like what we have mentioned above, to kill the bed bugs on your bed thoroughly, the temperature should reach a 125°F level.

But the thing is that most of us have no idea how hot our hair dryers are. There is no airflow temperature displayed on regular hair dryers’ labels.

Not every hair dryer has a high wattage motor. If the blow dryer is not hot enough for killing bed bugs, all the things we do are useless.

The Airflow Coverage Area Is Too Small

To kill the bed bugs on your bed & pillows, you need to give them constant high heat for more than 30 minutes at least.

The problem is that the nozzle of a family blow dryer is too small, making drying an entire bed a very difficult task to do.

Additionally, the airflow coming from the nozzle can blow the bed bugs and their eggs away, spreading them on other parts of your bed.

All these make blow dryer an inefficient tool for killing bed bugs, and that is also why you should not use a blow dryer to kill the coronavirus at this time.

A Hot Blow Dryer on Your Bed Can Catch Fire Easily

The tip of the hair dryer nozzle is quite hot. If your quilts or sheets accidentally touch the inside of the nozzle, it can be a very hazardous situation.

Your sheets can be burnt if they are exposed to high heat directly, which can lead to unimaginable fire accident.

Besides, if your hair dryer does not have a smart temperature sensor, the dryer can be broken for running on high heat mode for too long. For your safety, do not use a blow dryer to kill bed bugs.


To kill bed bugs correctly, you should hire professional pest control experts, clean up infested areas with extermination spray, and replace your bed sheets periodically.

Using a blow dryer to kill bed bugs is not an effective method as blow dryers do not generate enough heat and it can be dangerous as your bed can be burnt without caution.

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