5 Blow Dryers That Are Great for Silk Press on Natural Hair

A classic silk press is a hairstyle that has been loved for a long time. Although a blow dryer may not be the key factor that impacts a silk press’s result, choosing a suitable salon-performance blow dryer can never be wrong. A great blow dryer can make your hair healthier and lead to a better silk press on natural hair.

So, if you have Afro-textured hair and want to achieve a silk press perfectly, then you can not miss these great blow dryers we will be introducing today. If you don’t want to read the whole article, here is a roundup of the blow dryers that we recommend for silk press (you can see their features in part 2)

What Kind of Blow Dryers Can Achieve a Silk Press Perfectly

Well, blow drying is a needed process before you flat iron your hair to achieve a beautiful silk press. Our goal is to get hair as straight as possible so that it’s easier to straighten your hair with a flat iron later. So, you might be interested in what the most needed feature for a silk press blow dryer is.

Powerful Airflow Speed to Shorten Drying Time

Rule number one, you can’t flat iron wet or damp hair. Otherwise, your hair will be damaged by the heat and the damage is irreversible. Thus, if you do not want to spend hours waiting for your hair to be dry before you can use the flat iron, a great quality blow dryer with salon-grade power is what you need.

You should consider blow dryers with multiple heat/speed settings, so you can control the airflow pressure based on the condition of your hair type. For me, I prefer those hair dryers with 2 setting buttons, which can provide a more precise blowout. What’s more, a hair dryer’s material can impact its drying performance. For example, a titanium hair dryer can deliver heat and airflow faster and more efficiently.

Concentrator Nozzle

To get natural hair straight, you need to use a comb and direct hot air to the comb. If your hair is not that long and thick, you can use a hair dryer brush to get the job done. But, if you have a pretty dense curly hair type such as 4B & 4C hair, a professional hair comb and a hair dryer nozzle will help you a lot. A concentrator nozzle can keep your strands away from the heat motor, avoiding potential hazards & heat damage. Also, using a nozzle helps you faster the drying process and dry hair sections safely since there is no random airflow moving around.

Therefore, check if the blow dryer you are using has a nozzle before silk press. If not, you can buy a conventional nozzle for your dryer then.

Blow Dryer Technologies that Protects Your Hair

Without a correct silk press method, flat ironing can cause damage to your cuticle and scalp easily. Cuticles and hair proteins get burnt as the heat can reach 180°C. So, we do not want our blow dryer to cause any extra heat damage to our hair before the silk press, then you should use these hair dryer technologies below to get protected.

Far Infrared Heat

An infrared hair dryer is always the best for silk press as it can reduce heat damage as much as possible. Far infrared heat can go deep and dry your hair gently but quickly, you can achieve a clean blowout without burning one strand. Traditional hair dryers generate infrared heat by adding infrared sources including gems & ceramics.

Anti-Frizz Ions

By fighting positive ions on your wet hair, negative ionic hair dryer can make your hair lightweight and easy to style. In the market of today, many high-end blow dryers also used a material called tourmaline to strengthen the impact of negative ions, protecting your hair from frizz and static problems and giving your hair a nourishing finish that is ready for silk press.

5 Best & Latest Blow Dryers For Silk Press In 2020

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer – Quick Silk Press Blow Dryer

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No doubt, this classic BabyBliss blow dryer is a trustworthy model for people who have natural hair. The blow dryer provides ideal drying experience and satisfying drying time, which is the major win among the whole industry.

You may not know how powerful it is from the outside. However, this is a 2000W blow dryer that can impress you by its fast & hot airflow. Although it already has a pretty high wattage, BabyBliss even add nano titanium to faster the time of drying. Meanwhile, thanks to the titanium materials, the dryer becomes lightweight and comfortable to hold. To reveal a number of hairstyles, there is no better blow dryer compared to this.

2. Hot Tools Signature Series 1875W Turbo Blow Dryer

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The beloved Hot Tools blow dryer can be a great helper for kinky natural hair. This blow dryer by Hot Tools is designed to speed up the drying process and they claim that it features a turbo motor that can deliver maximum hot airflow and finish the blowout 40% faster.

To get the silk press done well, the dryer offers exceptional Ionic® Technology that makes your smooth and silk after blow-drying. Except for the nozzle, it also features a diffuser for creating curls so that you have more options to style your hair with this lightweight hair dryer. What’s more, the dryer’s insulated dryer body can protect your hand from getting burnt accidentally and maintain a long-lasting life.

3. TREZORO 9300 Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer


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This TREZORO 9300 dryer is one of the most popular blow dryers on Amazon, and it works perfectly with all types of hair.

With an invincible 2200w motor, this hair dryer can dry thick hair rapidly with its premium heating technology. To meet customers’ various needs, it comes with 2 different nozzles for styling. You can use the nozzles that provide more options and faster airflow to get your hair roughly straight before silk press.

Since it has a pretty high wattage, will it cause damage? The dryer adopts tourmaline+ionic+ceramic technologies to add a shield to your hair and your hair can remain healthy condition after each time of use.

For a more detailed introduction, you can see our previous review on this TREZORO 9300 hair dryer.

4. Ribivaul 1875 Watt Salon & Home Use Hair dryer

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The Ribivaul 1875 Watt dryer is ideal for those with natural hair looking for a stylish blow dryer tool that reduces heat damage and achieves a decent silk press.

The blow dryer from Ribivaul excels best with its modern design, while you do not need to spend dyson-grade money to get this model. The dryer features a 1875W power motor and combines ceramic, ionic, tourmaline technologies to prevent hair damage. Their built-in intelligent temperature control technology is reliable so you do not worry about overheating. Most importantly, because of the cylinder-shaped design, the attachments are more flexible and versatile and you can adjust the angle of the nozzles accordingly.

5. VAV 1875W Professional Infrared Hair Dryer

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The VAV profession dryer’s attachments beat all the blow dryers when it comes to the attachments’ quantity & variety. A nozzle, a diffuser, and a comb are suitable for all the hair types to creating hairstyles. Besides, it also provides surprisingly high-quality infrared heat and ionic haircare technology.

Lastly, this VAV professional is a bargain and you can get this advanced dryer with dozen bucks. You won’t regret taking a chance on it.

Tips on Blow Drying for Silk Press

Dry Your Hair in Sections

You can part your hair and dry your hair in sections, which can achieve a faster drying time. Using a nozzle and direct the airflow to the sections then you can make your hair dry as quick as possible.

Apply Heat Protectant

Do not forget to use a heat protectant or hair dryer cream before you use the blow dryer. Also, to avoid high heat damage, you should not let your dryer run on extremely hot heat during blow-drying.

Do Not Use Flat Iron Until Your Hair Is Completely Dry

To silk press on natural hair with your flat iron, you need to make sure your hair is dry first. You should wait until you think your hair is bone-dry after blow-drying. Otherwise, you will hear the scary sizzling sound and your hair will be fried by the iron or hair straightener.

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