What Is a Handle-Less Hair Dryer? Do I Need One?

Everybody wants to simplify their drying process, that’s why hair dryers with compact design are getting more and more popular nowadays. Recently, a new type of handle-less blow dryer stepped into my sight, which brings a brand new blow-drying experience to the whole industry.

So, what is good about a handle-less blow dryer and how does it work? Welcome to our impartial guide to 2020 latest handle-less dryer. You can also see our best handle-less blow dryer recommendation if you want to give it a try.

What Is a Handle-Less Hair Dryer?

Unlike conventional handheld blow dryers, a handle-less blow dryer is a cylinder-shaped dryer that you can directly hold the dryer vent to blow-dry your hair without a handle. Handle-less blow dryers usually have a long body that helps you to hold the dryer tight. And it offers many conveniences to people who are sick of regular blow dryers that tire out arms.

Pros of Handle-Less Hair Dryers

Works Well with Comb Attachment

If you use a hair dryer comb attachment to straighten your hair a lot, you will find it is hard to move the comb through hair since the hair dryer handle makes positions awkward. So, with a handle-less design, people can grip and hold the blow dryer body directly, then straightening your manes will be more effective and natural. You can comb your hair just like you are using a normal comb. The only difference is that your hair is being blow-dried at the same time.

Cool Touch Design Does Not Burn Your Hand

After working a while, a conventional hair dryer’s heating motor will become super hot. Your hands can be burnt and hurt if you touch the dryer after use without caution. But, handle-less blow dryers are made of heat-resistant cool-touch materials that allow you to hold the body without worries. Thus, a regular blow dryer is not as safe as a handle-less blow dryer, especially when you have kids at home.

No Awkward Reach That Tire Out Arms

The back of your head is aways an awkward area. To reach the back of your head, your hand and wrist will be sore if you keep holding a blow dryer in an uncomfortable way. A blow dryer without a handle can solve the problem since there is no obstruct blocking the way. What’s more, a handle-less dryer usually comes with an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue & tiredness, helping you to dry and clean every strand.

Cons of Handle-Less Hair Dryers:

Changing Settings Will Be an Inconvenience

Due to the fact that the setting buttons of a handle-less dryer are usually at the bottom of its’ long body. You can only change the heat/speed settings with two hands. Even worse, if you are not familiar with the buttons’ settings, you have to take the dryer to the front, adjust the settings, and put it back again. That will be a troublesome job if you need to change settings frequently.

Best 4 Handle-Less Hair Dryer On the Market In 2020

1. Best Worth Buying Model – Red by Kiss Handle-Less 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

We say the Red by Kiss hair dryer is the most worth buying handle-less model because of its beautiful price and solid performance. It does not empty your wallet and you can get all the popular drying technologies.

The Red handle-less hair dryer is a well-performance dryer with an 1875 watt motor. This dryer finish is multiple layered with insulation technology, so you won’t feel the heat when holding it. The reliable tourmaline & ceramic infrared source gives off negative ions and healthy infrared heat, drying your hair evenly and protecting your hair from various problems including frizz, heat damage, hair shrinkage.

There are 3 accessories for this handle-less dryer. Two of them are comb attachments, then you have more options to choose from when it comes to straightening & detangling hair.

Check out the demo video to see how this handle-less dryer works:

2. CHI Hand Shot 1500W Handle-Free Hair Dryer

The Dura CHI model is one of the stylish and advanced dryer in the race of the best handle-less blow dryer in the market.

Nowadays, most of the dryers have physical buttons to control the airflow. However, the CHI handle-free dryer features touch screen buttons so that you can adjust the heat and speed effortlessly. With its rapid clean technology and Blue LED light’s antimicrobial properties, you can get cleaner air and get rid of bacterial buildup. The heater is made of ceramic materials and your hair can be blow-dried efficiently and healthily. It has a nozzle and a comb attachment for styling and detangling. Forget about the common hair dryer and make your drying process comfortable by the use of this handle-less dryer.

Video Demo:

3. Paul Mitchell Neuro Grip Dryer Without Handle

You should see this professional handle-less dryer from Paul Mitchell if you want to go for a model that is of smartness & high tech.

Carrying a 1875w DC motor, the sleek Paul Mitchell handle-free dryer can impress you by its advanced temperature & air pressure controlling buttons. You can see there are two buttons that you can control, which can achieve precise airflow control. Besides, it’s pretty lightweight thanks to the DC motor, and you will not feel a thing when you hold it because it only weighs a pound.

The only con is that the price of this luxury salon-grade dryer is way too high compared with other handle-less hair dryers in the market.

4. E-appeal Powerful 2250W Hands Free Hair Dryer

This E-appeal dryer comes with the highest wattage among handle-free blow dryers. The 2250w motor ensures the drying result will be quick and decent by combining ceramic & Ionic Technologies.

The cold shot button allows you to lock in your hairstyle quickly after styling. And the dryer stand included is helpful and you can place the dryer whenever you like. You can finally free your hands and blow-dry your hair like a breeze.

What surprising is that it also comes with a removable handle that allows you to assemble them as a traditional blow dryer. That means, once you have this versatile dryer, you actually have two types of blow dryers.


As a new type of drying experience tool, these handle-less hair dryers that can relieve the pain when blow-drying and give you decent blowouts. However, it takes time to get used to using a dryer without a handle and you do not have many handle-less dryers available in the market. For professional drying use, I would still recommend you to buy a traditional salon-grade blow dryer. But, a handle-less dryer is a nice choice for daily use at home.

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