Drybar Single Shot Vs Double Shot – Is The New Dryer Brush Better?

The Drybar Double Shot is a remarkable blow dryer brush that has been one of the best sellers on the market. It isn’t as affordable as its competitors such as Revlon One Step brush or BedHead
Blowout Freak styler, but its beautiful design and high-quality performance let you easily achieve glamorous waves and curls without using any curlers.

Recently, Drybar announced a new product called Drybar Single Shot is coming out, which is the Double Shot‘s little sibling. They look pretty similar on the outside, but there are some things slightly different when you take a closer look at them. Let’s look at how they stack up against each other.

Drybar Single Shot Vs Double Shot – Different Barrel Shape

The original Drybar Double Shot blow dryer brush is designed to create beach waves to medium hair or long hair. You can see it features a pretty long and wide oval barrel and there are more bristles on the barrel than the Drybar’s new Single Shot brush. That’s also good for making detangled hair smooth easily.

While the Drybar Single Shot is more like a round brush when you look at its barrel. Although the Drybar Single Shot and the Double Shot have the same length, the barrel size of the Single Shot is much smaller. And the bristles of the Single Shot are not as many as the Double Shot. Besides, the Single Shot’s air vents are bigger.

Drybar Single Shot Vs Double Shot – Drying & Styling Performance

Both hair dryer brushes are designed to be used on most hair types. But they have different strengths when it comes to styling.

First off, their power and speeds are identical and both of them can dry your hair gently and softly. The Drybar Single Shot and Double Shot both feature ionic technology, which can seal the hair cuticle for less frizz, less static, and more shine. So, there is no hair dryer brush that is weaker than the other. And they both can give you a sleek, smooth, and shiny result.

The new Drybar Single Shot is a perfect fit for short hair to medium-length hair. The smaller barrel can help you lift and roll your hair precisely and effortlessly, and it’s also easy to place the thin barrel when your hair is not that long. With its round barrel shape, the Single Shot hair brush can be more efficient when giving your side hair or your bang more volume. But there is a small flaw of this new product, your hair ends sometimes could be stuck in vents since they became bigger.

While the Drybar Double Shot can be the best helper if your hair is long. Its fine bristles can detangle your hair comfortably and your hair won’t be stuck in the vents. For people who need beachy waves or big curls, the big oval barrel can achieve that goal effectively. But it probably takes a bit longer to get your hair fully dried because of the narrow vents and the fine bristles.

You can see the video below for the final results created by the Single Shot and the Double Shot:

Conclusion – Which One Should You Choose?

Both Drybar hair dryer brush models are excellent hair tools. Their prices are the same and they are both considered to be a bit pricey on the market. However, they do provide decent drying results and great styling performance.

The Drybar Single Shot is more small-sized and flexible for people with shorter hair to create hair volume and bouncy bangs, and the Double Shot is more like a product designed for smoothening long hair and adding big curls and waves.

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