RX7 Superlite Hair Dryer Review – Read This Before Buying It

You probably have come across the brand RX7 when searching for lightweight blow dryers on the internet. RX7 claims that their hair dryers are super lightweight and powerful, which sounds interesting for most hair lovers.

But, is it really true? If you want to know more about this RX7 Superlite hair dryer, we are here to present a detailed product review and comparison to you.

The Compact Look Design – 8.2/10

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The appearance design of this RX7 Superlight is part of the reason why this dryer got so popular. Coming with a fashionable and compact looking design, the hair dryer from RX7 is a well-lacquered model.

You can tell by its design that this dryer is a lightweight model because of the slimness of the dryer body. Regular blow dryers will have a bigger and curvier upper body, which will make the whole piece become bulky and tiring to use.

This RX7 Superlite has the brand & model name printed in beautiful color on its body. When it comes to colors, you have many color options to choose from such as black & copper, pearl white & rose gold and metallic Red. Besides, every rear filter also has a different shiny color that matches the dryer’s style.

Like many classic hair dryers, the RX7 Superlite has its temperature buttons on the front of its handle. There are 3 buttons in total, one for controlling the heat, one for adjusting the speed, and the last one is a cold shot button.

Overall, the design is pretty neat and clean. The buttons are great as you can precisely control the airflow. But I believe they should change the shape and the materials of the dryer’s handle to make it an ergonomic one, this could be a tiny downside.

Built-in Features – 8.8/10

Now, we are getting into the exciting part. Let’s review the RX7 Superlite’s features and performance.


If you read the specs on the RX7 Superlite’s label, you will find it says the wattage is 1875 Watt output. This is a standard motor for most of the family hair dryers. An 1875 watt hair dryer is right between a hair dryer that burns your hair and a hair dryer that can not entirely dry your hair. But, it is not very common to see a powerful dryer with a slim size like this one. BTW, they claim that this dryer can faster the drying time by at least 60%. This is more like a marketing method. Most of the hair dryer brands say they can faster the drying time without knowing what dryer you are using now.

Airflow Control

If you have bought a cheap hair dryer before, you should notice that most of them only have one button to control the temperature and airflow speed. You are not allowed to control the heat and speed separately. This RX7 Superlite did not let us down as it offers 2 buttons with which you can precisely control the heating airflow in multiple ways.

There are 3 heat levels and 2 speed levels to choose from. It can not be said that this dryer extremely powerful in the market. But, given that this is a compact hair dryer for home, I believe adding a more powerful motor will be too much to ask.

Hair Care Technologies

After doing our research, we found that the RX7 Superlite is an ionic hair dryer that uses tourmaline materials.

What does it mean? It means the blow dryer can release negative ions that fix frizzy hair problems. The tourmaline also generates infrared heat that protects your hair while blow-drying. Infrared heat also faster the drying time. The infrared heat does not dry your hair’s finish only, it penetrates the hair strands and gives them heat from inside out.

Super LightWeight

The essential sell-point of this RX7 Superlite dry is the weight. According to its manual, the hair dryer weighs 1 pound. Some people may say: well, it does not look compelling since many travel hair dryers are less than one pound. But there is one thing we should know: small-sized hair dryers cut off many features to achieve the minimum weight.

We think the weight of this dryer is quite impressive because it also comes with an 1875 watt powerful motor and a variety of add-ons such as tourmaline and ion generator. These are really hard to find in a regular travel blow dryer.

Price – 9/10

As for the price, I believe the price of this RX7 Superlite is pretty reasonable. It does not have a Dyson-grade shocking price and most of us can afford this model. I bought it with a price of around fifty-something bucks. However, there might be a deal on special days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Summarized Pros & Cons of RX7 Superlite

Although RX7 Superlite is a worth-buying hair dryer, there are still some disadvantages that I don’t like about this model. Here I summarize the pros and cons that help you understand the model quickly.


  • Decent Power
  • Thin Design & Lightweight
  • Separate Heat/Speed Button


  • Nontextured Plastic Finish
  • Straight Handle
  • Attachment Types: Only Two Nozzles

Our RX7 Superlite Verdict

RX7 Superlite is a budget-friendly choice if you are looking for a hair dryer that allows you to adjust the airflow frequently and precisely. Although it does not come with the best attachments and a fancy appearance, it is still a popular hair dryer that offers great performance for everyday use.

Advanced Version of RX7 Superlite?

If you are hesitating to decide if the RX7 Superlite is a good fit for your home, actually RX7 also launched an advanced version of the original RX7 Superlite for high-end hair dryer seekers. The new version is called RX7 X5 Superlite, according to RX7, it uses the lightest AC motor in the market and it’s suitable for all types of hair.

The whole product weighs 1 pound too. But, compared with the old RX7 Superlite, the RX7 X5 Superlite has a full hair dryer’s technologies including ceramic, ionic, nano, and tourmaline, giving your hair a smooth and silky finish effortlessly at home. Besides, it comes with a salon-quality 10′ long cord that helps you hold the dryer more conveniently.

RX7 Superlite Hair Dryer Review
  • Design
  • Motor
  • Technology
  • Price


RX7 Superlite Hair Dryer is a decent hair dryer for all types of hair.

For people who are looking for a durable model with great quality, this dryer will be a great one.

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