Pick A Professional Hair Dryer For Hair Salon – Be Your Customer’s Favorite

People love to go to the hair salon because they can not get a professional blowout at home. So having a high-performance hair dryer at the salon to please the clients is an important way to attract more return customers. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular hair dryers for salon around to figure out what makes them so special. Even if you don’t own a salon or you are not a pro stylist, you can also buy these upscale hair dryers to upgrade your drying experience at home.

What Type of Hair Dryers Is Popular at the Hair Salon?

For most of the hair salons, they usually have 2 types of hair dryers in general. Portable handheld blow dryers for quick blowdrying and standing bonnet hair dryers for thorough protective drying experience.

How To Choose Handheld Blow Dryers For Hair Salon

Professional blow dryers for salons are not just hair tools for drying clients’ hair, they also represent a salon’s style and taste. And a blow dryer that exceeds customers’ expectations is the main factor that people love to go to a salon. Here are the most important features for a blow dryer used in the salon.

Fancy Design

You probably don’t know a blow dryer with a fashionable design can leave a professional impression for salon clients. Using a deluxe blow dryer is actually good for customers’ drying experience. This might be a part of the reason that people come back to your salon again.


Stylists usually will make numerous clients’ hair at a time. To release their burdens, using a lightweight handheld blow dryer is needed. This is beneficial for salon working efficiency.

Strong Airflow & Hot Temperature

To get the job done quickly and be more efficient in the salon, stylists should pick powerful a hair dryer with high wattage. A high-speed blow dryer can not only shorten the drying time for clients but also can be easier for stylists to create different hairstyles.

Anti-Frizz Technology

To make clients hair silky and full, try to avoid those blow dryers without ionic technologies. No one will go to a salon that makes their hair frizzy and messy twice. A tourmaline ceramic ionic dryer is an excellent technology choice on the market.

Multiple Dryer Attachments

Hairstylists will meet various hair textures in the salon every day. And every customer has their own preference. To create different hairstyles more comfortably and conveniently, you should consider buying hair dryers with multiple attachments such as diffuser, comb, smoothing nozzle and concentrator.

How To Choose Bonnet Hair Dryers For Hair Salon

Basically, a great salon-used hooded hair dryer will be more advanced and healthier than handheld blow dryers as they do not use high heat. But they usually take longer to get clients’ hair dry compared to traditional blow dryers. Before you buy a stand-up hair dryer for your salon, the following features can be missed.

Adjustable Heat Settings & Timer

These bonnet hair dryers have a more precise temperature control system and they usually will come with an adjustable timer as well. These features ensure clients will get the most comfortable drying service in your salon. They just need to sit under the hat of the dryer and wait till their hair is dry.

Want to be Flexible? Pick a Model with Wheels!

A typical stand-up hair dryer takes much space and can not be moved conveniently. If you do need a portable standing hair dryer, you can opt for a model that comes with wheels at the bottom. This is also a hot choice for family use.

Best 5 Handheld Hair Dryer For Hair Salon

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Salon Hair Dryer



Serving customers with a BaByliss Pro hair dryer in the salon is reliable. The professional Titanium hair dryer from BaByliss Pro is attractive on the outside and it will also offer amazing salon-quality blowout results to your clients.

Coming with a titanium feature, the dryer is designed to finish the drying process as quickly as possible with its powerful 2000W AC motor. And the ionic technology ensures that your clients’ hair condition is always shiny and healthy. As an Italian made blow dryer, it will become a salon’s favorite hair dryer without any doubt.

2. 6th Sense Professional Ionic Hair Dryer For Salons

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Handcrafted in France, this 6th sense cutting edge transparent blow dryer is a symbol of high quality and deluxe drying experience. The dryer only weighs 12 ounces only, which is extremely lightweight. And the cord of this blow dryer is super long (10 feet), this is perfect for salon use.

When it comes to the drying performance, this blow dryer can be the star in the salons. It features a special quiet technology so it won’t be disturbing. Besides super-strong airflow, you even have an ionic button on the back of the handle. For a stylish hair tool in the salon, this dryer could provide customers with brilliant blowouts.

3. Hot Tools Best Affordable Salon 1875W Hair Dryer

If you are on the budget, the Hot Tools blow dryer can be your helper so that you will not have to invest hundreds of dollars. Although this salon hair dryer does not have a fantastic design, you will not be disappointed with its drying performance.

The dryer is equipped with its unique direct ionic technology to make customers’ hair become silky and bouncy in the salon. With two professional hair dryer attachments, you can create any hairstyles without worries.

4. Ultra Salon Dryer Option – Dyson Supersonic

I’m not going to brag, but if you use a Dyson Supersonic as a salon hair dryer, your salon is definitely a high-end place. This Dyson hair dryer that costs a fortune will offer your salon the latest and most creative drying technologies. The premium 4 heat settings and 3 speeds beat all the competitors on the market. It’s ergonomically designed with an extreme compact style and people will notice this bladeless hair dryer immediately.

Besides, Dyson’s patented intelligent heat control feature will give every strand no harm, protecting your client’s hair. For luxury hair salon, this Dyson hair dryer is a must need.

5. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer – Professional Dryer For Hair Salon

You probably have not heard of Elchim before, but this hair dryer is actually popular among hair stylists. The Elchim 3900 has tons of positive reviews and it is ideal for all types of hair. But according to their staff, this model, Elchim 3900, is especially friendly for thin and delicate hair. You can find more info in our Elchim hair dryer review.

The Elchim 3900 hair dryer is ergonomic so hair stylists can use it without any fatigue. It features ionic and ceramic coating technologies, preserving hair integrity and reducing hair frizz. Most importantly, this model has various color options so you can pick one that matches the salon’s decorative style.

2. Best Standing Hooded Hair Dryer For Hair Salon

Nova Microdermabrasion Professional 1300W Hooded Hair Dryer

If you need a big buddy that provides professional freestanding drying experience in the salon, this adjustable stand-up floor hair dryer will be the one you need. Coming with a rolling base with wheels, this hair dryer is easy to move and more portable to use. Compared with those traditional salon hair dryer with a chair, this hair dryer has a more beautiful price and a more modern design.

You can set the temperature from 0 to 75℃, and the timing function can be adjusted from 0~60 minutes. The hair dryer is decent for hair coloring, hot-perm, conditioning, and hair-drying. Choosing this model as a partner for the hair salon will never be wrong.

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