Kristin Ess Hair Dryers Review – Are They Professional Choices?

Kristin Ess, as a successful hair product entrepreneur, is also the brand name of its hair dryer.

So far, Kristin Ess has launched 2 hair dryers, a professional one and a compact travel one. Both of them have a beautiful body shape and a smooth finish.

Well, today our job is to review them and see if Kristin Ess hair dryers have a splendid performance as well.

Design Rating – Impressive

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I give Kristin Ess hair dryers a nine out of ten when it comes to the design. These two hair dryers are pretty beautiful and graceful in white.

With golden thin stripe embedded on the dryer body, you will know it’s not a cheap blow dryer immediately when you see the real products.

The Kristin Ess Compact Pro dryer has a cute and chubby body that is more suitable for traveling use. It reminds me of a porcelain vase because of its size and beautiful curls. The folding handle enables you to pack the dryer easily and it does not take much room in your luggage.

Compared to the compact dryer, the iconic style professional blow dryer has a longer vent and a more narrow body. That is designed for delivering more powerful and speedy airflow.

To give you the best holding experience, the Kristin Ess Iconic Style Professional dryer features a longer handle and there are 4 buttons on it for you to adjust settings.

Differences Between Kristin Ess Compact Pro Dryer and Kristin Ess Professional Dryer

Features Comparison Chart

ModelKristin Ess COMPACT PRO DryerKristin Ess Iconic Style Professional Dryer
Motor TypeDC MotorAC Motor
Weight1.4 Pounds2 Pounds
Heat/Speed SettingsSingle Button Setting: 3Heat Settings: 3
Speed Settings: 2
TechnologiesIonic TechnologyBrushless Motor Technology
Ionic Technology
Infrared Heat Technology
Cold Shot ButtonYESYES
Ion ButtonNOYES
Folding HandleYESNO
Dual VoltageYESNO
AccessoriesNozzleDiffuser + Nozzle

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We can see from the table, the Compact Pro dryer is more portable and small-sized since it’s a travel blow dryer. While the Professional one is more heavy-duty.

The main reason why the professional model is heavier is that it has an AC motor inside. Although the Compact Pro is a quieter blow dryer with DC motor, Kristin Ess Professional dryer is more powerful and more long-lasting.

As the table shows, the Professional model has more buttons that allow you to adjust the ratio of heat & speed.

You can even turn off the negative ion function accordingly. And the technology is more advanced too.

Besides regular ionic technology, the Kristin Ess professional dryer also features infrared heat that delivers heat gently and evenly so that you can protect your hair from heat damage.

But, when it comes to portability, Kristin Ess Compact Pro dryer is clearly the better option. It’s more space-saving and less-noisy. Most importantly, the Compact Pro dryer is equipped with a dual voltage setting, which allows you to use the dryer in any country without a voltage converter.

Blow Drying Performance & Experience

In the review process, we found that the Kristin Ess ionic style professional dryer was the quicker one to get hair dry. That is not surprising since the wattage is much higher than Compact Pro’s. Regarding drying time, The Professional Dryer is about 1/3 faster than the Compact Pro.

As for the blow-drying results, both of them can give you a satisfying result. Thanks to modern ionic technology, these Kristin Ess hair dryers can make your hair silky and hydrated.

But, the Compact Pro might not be a smart choice if your hair is long and thick. It does not have an infrared heat technology to dry your hair from the inside out.

So it might take too long to get the job done and your hair can get burnt if it gets too close to the nozzle. Also, I feel like the Professional dryer can maintain the silky condition longer but I’m not sure if it has something to do with the built-in ions generator.


Both of the hair dryers from Kristin Ess are not low-cost options. The Kristin Ess Professional hair dryer is $100, and the Kristin Ess Compact pro is half the price, which is $50.

In the hair dryer market of today, there are many cheaper choices like Revlon, Conair. The prices of Kristin Ess blow dryers are not the most friendly one. But, considering its unique design and reliable drying performance, the dryers from Kristin Ess are still competitive.

Where Can I Buy Kristin Ess Hair Dryers

As far as I know, you can get these two hair dryers on Target if you are located in America and Canadians can purchase them on Other than that, I also found their blow dryers on Amazon, but somehow the condition of the listing is not unavailable to buy.


Based on true performance, Kristin Ess is a qualified hair dryer brand.

If you have thick curly textured hair that is hard to dry, I believe you will prefer the Kristin Ess Ionic style professional hair dryer, which delivers powerful airflow and add a protective finish to your hair cuticles. It’s a good dryer for daily use.

While the Kristin Ess Compact Pro dryer is designed for portable use. It comes with a hair dryer bag, enabling you to take it anywhere. If you are planning a trip, the Compact Pro dryer can be a good partner that gives you the most convenient blowouts.

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