Best Jinri Hair Dryer Review of 2020 – New & Affordable Options

After searching for all the Jinri hair dryers online, including dozens of models for various uses. We finally decide to give you a handy guide to Jinri’s blow dryers. We will see the best way to get a great blowout with Jinri. There are three Jinri hair dryers that we are going to review today, and we selected them based on popularity and features performance. Without further ado, let’s see which Jinri hair dryer is the most worth trying in 2020.

1. Best Overall – JINRI Ionic Infrared Blow Hair Dryer


Among all the Jinri hair dryer, the Jinri ionic infrared is the one with the most technologies and it’s more budget-friendly than any of the high-end competition.

As a premium blow dryer from Jinri, this dryer combines ionic technology and infrared technology to provide more hair protection while blow-drying. According to Jinri, the infrared heat is emitted by ceramic internal components, which is also the most common way in the hair dryer industry.

Judging by its design, you can not tell if it is a great hair dryer. It does not have an attractive design, the all-black finish is just average to me. Unlike a regular expensive hair dryer that equips fancy coating, I have to say, this Jinri ionic infrared blow dryer is a low-profile model. I guess it is because Jinri put more effort into the drying features. Regarding the design, I will give it a 7 out of 10.

As for the drying performance, this Jinri hair dryer should be the most powerful one in their product lines. It comes with a 1875W AC motor that gives you instant dry out in minutes. The AC motor is a big improvement for Jinri as they used to have many blow dryers that have DC motor. Jinri claims that this ionic infrared model has a 45% faster drying time and a 300% longer lifespan. Though it’s true, the downside is that this Jinri dryer will be slightly heavier than other Jinri models.

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I had a real blow dryer that comes with all types of attachments“. You can see this Jinri hair dryer has 3 different accessories for the dryer. There is a smoothing nozzle, a diffuser, and a comb attachment in the package. These attachments are great for daily styling, but I have to say the comb nozzle is way too small for me. I also found this hair dryer has a 9ft long cord, the is actually great as you do not need to worry about the flexibility.

Pros & Cons of Jinri Iconic Infrared Hair Dryer


  • Strong Airflow
  • Infrared Heat Without Heat Damage
  • Negative Ions for Hair Health
  • 3 Attachments


  • Small Comb Attachment

2. Best Budget-Friendly – Jinri Salon Grade DC Motor Hair Dryer


You will not believe a professional 1875W hair dryer can be less than 30 bucks. Well, Jinri made it. If you assume this hair dryer is poor-performance because of the low price, you are wrong. On the contrary, this hair dryer is the most popular one among all the Jinri products as it’s super lightweight and powerful as well.

Although this hair dryer is using a DC motor as the power source, the airflow pressure is not weak at all thanks to a 1875w output. What makes this cheap Jinri hair dryer stands out is that the dryer also features an ionic generator. And it is surprising that a hair dryer with a bargain price can allow you to precisely change the temperature and airflow velocity. As a DC motor blow dryer, the decibel level of this dryer is acceptable. Speaking of drying performance, it’s definitely a solid choice that beyond our expectations. It has standard 3 heat settings and 2 speeds on the handle. Plus, there is a cool shot button as well for you to get cold air instantly. However, it’s understandable that this dryer does not have other advanced hair care technologies for the reason of price.

But the look of the dryer is totally a disaster from my point of view. The matte blue & dark finish looks old and out of date. The body shape looks bulky and heavy, though it is actually pretty lightweight. I could not even find anything of design on this model. Well, I guess Jinri should start to work on the appearance of their blow dryers now.

Pros & Cons of Jinri DC Motor Hair Dryer


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Decent Drying Performance


  • Ugly Design
  • Less Long-Lasting Motor

3. Most Portable Jinri Model – Jinri Travel Blow Dryer with Dual Voltage

For a travel hair dryer, a 1875w motor can be called as a high wattage model. We have tested many travel blow dryers, most of them have a wattage range from 1200W to 1600W. This is probably the most strong travel hair dryer when it comes to power and airflow.

Speaking of technologies, regular travel hairs usually will not have any special features as the seller want to simplify the dryer as much as possible. But, this Jinri hair dryer is equipped with a ceramic tourmaline air outlet to give you a fresh blowout even while traveling.

Undoubtedly, this Jinri travel hair dryer features dual voltage settings that allow you to go anywhere with this dryer without worrying about voltage conflicts. If you want to know more about hair dryers’ voltages, you can find more info in our previous post about blow dryers with dual voltage. Besides, the portable dryer has a folding handle, making it as small as possible for travel.

Unfortunately, this blow dryer’s cold air button works not that well according to purchased customers. Despite it has a powerful motor, the cool air is still weak somehow and the airflow is not stable.

Pros & Cons of Jinri Travel Hair Dryer:


  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Ceramic + Tourmaline Technologies
  • Dual Voltage Setting


  • Weak Cold Air

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a flawless hair dryer, Jinri may not be the best. But, Jinri hair dryers are still affordable and great-performance for home and salon use. I personally do not like the design of their blow dryers, all the models do not look stylish and fresh. However, for people who need a durable blow dryer that can be used for a long time, Jinri can offer decent blowouts to you. So you do not need to waste a lot of money on a fancy dryer in the future.

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  1. My wife bought a Jinri about two years ago. Yesterday, while she was using it, it started smelling. Seconds later it popped and arced, freaking her smooth out. Then it shut down and will no longer come on.
    I expected better. It is hazardous and could have burned her, or started a fire.

  2. Make sure to have the outlet checked. Ihad a blow dryer and a curling iron sid the same thing and it was an electrical problem. Just to be safe.


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