How to Blow Dry Men’s Curly Hair Quickly & Effortlessly

Men’s curly hair is easy to get unruly if we blow dry it in the wrong way.

To keep men’s curly hairstyle healthy and frizz-free, every man with curly hair should know how to manage and style their curls after showering.

No matter what hair length you have, you are going to learn the correct way to get your curly hair dry.


How to Blow Dry Men’s Curly Hair Fast

FAQs & Top Tips for Drying Men’s Hair

Learn How To Blow Dry Men’s Curly Hair In 2 Minutes

1. Wash Your Hair

Before we start a curly hair routine, washing your hair is what you need to do every time.

To define curly hair for men, there are some hair shampoos and conditioners on the market. They are specially designed for curly hair to solve the problems of curly or natural hair.

If you have heavy curls, using these hair shampoos and conditioners can help you cleanse extra oil, smoothen your strands, and reduce hair frizz, which is the biggest problem for blow-drying men’s curly hair.

2. Towel Dry Your Hair Till Your Hair Is Not Dripping Water

You can get a soft towel to pat your hair till your hair is not soaking wet, or you can put the towel on your hair and squeeze the water out of your hair.

Long curly hair sometimes can be hard to dry with a towel, you can try plopping your hair to speed up the process.

No matter what method you go for, just remember do not rub or shake the towel too hard because it will severely damage your hair. And wet hair is brittle and easy to get hurt.

If you are interested in more towel drying details, see how to towel dry men’s hair perfectly here.

3. Detangle Your Curls with A Coarse Comb

To make your hair more manageable, detangle your hair with a coarse comb gently. Why is fine teeth comb not a good idea? Because fine combs are easy to get stuck by curly hair knots and the friction force will make your hair frizzy and crack if the comb has fine teeth.

We want our hair to be smooth and bouncy, so a tool that can detangle your hair without giving your hair any frizz is the best fit. That is why a wide-toothed comb is what we need.

If your hair type is easy to have frizz and static, try to use a hair primer gel or heat protectant spray for natural & curly hair. These hair products can add nourishment to your hair and protect your hair shaft and cortex from blow dryer’s heat.

4. Blow Dry Your Hair with A Diffuser

If you don’t know what a diffuser is, it’s a hair dryer attachment that helps the dryer disperse airflow over large areas.

Diffusers are made for drying curly hair and it can prevent curly hair from getting crazy by strong airflow.

To control the volume of your hair, you need to blow dry your hair in different directions. If you want to add more volume, try to diffuse your hair roots upside down and gently scrunch your curls with your hands.

5. Use Finisher to Keep Your Hair in Place

If you prefer natural status, you can leave the house without using any extra hair product.

However, if you just created a curly hairstyle and you want to keep it throughout the day, a styling Mousse or spray is a must.

For men who have curly hair, their hair styling products should be lightweight and should not cause buildup on hair. If you have thick curly hair, find something powerful that adds lift and sets hair just like professional cream/gel to maintain your curly hairstyle.

Blow Dry Men’s Curly Hair – FAQs & Tips

How to Blow Dry Men’s Curly Hair Straight?

To change men’s curly hairstyles and make them straight, you need a brush to work with the blow dryer. And you might need a styling gel to achieve a perfect straight look if you have unmanageable curly hair.

Besides, we are not going to use a diffuser this time for drying men’s curly hair straight. What we need is a blow dryer nozzle that can precisely control the airflow direction.

After using a styler, just slowly brush your hair sections downwards again and again and direct hot airflow to the brush while brushing. You have to brush your hair slowly and gently to make your hair as straight as possible.

Looking for a simple way to achieve straight hair? You can also use your fingers to brush all your hair in one direction and give your hair a nice blowout.

Move your hair repeatedly during the blow drying process and lock the hairstyle with styling cream lastly.

Is Heat Protectant a Must?

A lot of men think their naturally curly hair does not need protection as they don’t need a complicated blow drying process.

However, I do recommend men with curly hair use a heat protectant spray. A heat protector is not just about high heat protection, it also gives your hair moisture and makes your hair easy to style.

Also, great hair protectants can solve the frizzy problem of curly hair and can add more shine to your hair.

What Blow Dryer Should I Go For?

A blow dryer for men’s curly hair should have a diffuser attachment to define curls and maintain the shape of a curly hairstyle.

If you are looking for some blow dryer models that can protect your hair as effectively as possible, go for an infrared hair dryer that provides efficient blowouts.

To reduce hair frizz, an ionic blow dryer with tourmaline & ceramic technology can be your best choice.

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